Uplink Corporation was formed in 2008 by Chris Delay. Starting out small, renting out Gateways that users could connect to remotely, Uplink Corp rapidly grew as interest and publicity rose. Now Uplink Corp offers many services, including a full range of Gateways, web hosting, security systems and software. Chris Delay himself is a very private man, and little information about him is available to the general public.

CTO/Head Hardware Guru

The head UplinkCorp geek, Jason "WolfLord" Crisman was a virtual unknown until he was hand chosen for his position by Chris, as is the usual for all UplinkCorp employees. He had a relatively normal educational background, but caught the attention of many when he was able to fully upgrade his systems without leaving any trace of worklogs in any of the existing systems. Since he was brought on, he has completely overhauled the entire corporation's backend systems, and we have heard nothing but good things about his work from everyone.

Lead Programmer/Software Guru

Gary "Icepick" Chambers was hired by Uplink Corp after writing various modifications for the standard operating system installed on Uplink Corps gateways. This got the attention of the company, and they offered him a job as a software developer. He is now Lead Programmer for all major software projects the company undertakes, and has devised numerous software security systems, as well as a few hardware configurations.

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