About The AWAN

For those of you who dont know much about the AWAN itself, here is a little info about its history.
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The AWAN is a Wide Area Network, specifically designed for Corporate use, the main idea behind it being security. It was developed by Arunmor Corporation in 2004; this made Arunmor Corp very successful, as every company who heard about it jumped onboard. By 2008, every major Corporation in the world was on the AWAN, including all of the International Government's main systems.
The AWAN now continues to grow as more and more systems and companies are protected, and security continues to increase to counter the rise in hacker activity.

"We are creating the future of communication here today. Have A Little Faith." - Gabriel Quinn, CEO of Arunmor, in response to critisim at the first AWAN press conference.

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