Case Studies

Industry research shows that companies who employ Uplink Corp to handle their security needs lose less money to attacks from the AWAN, and a lower percentage go out of business than companies who use other security methods.

Optisoft LogoOptisoft Inc. employed Uplink Corp to handle their security needs to help put them above their rivals. Their profit increased immediately as costs from computer attacks went down. It's a shame that their rivals didn't choose to do the same, as hours after Optisoft's security was upgraded, their main competitor was attacked by hackers and forced to cease business operation indefinitely.

Advantec LogoAdvantec Software used to suffer constantly from malicious hackers attacking their system, so they came to Uplink Corp for help. Within mere minutes of the new security features being implemented, all hacker activity stopped. Within a month, Advantec Software became the top in their field, maybe due to their rivals' lack of security, and eventual downfall at the hands of hackers.

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