What We Do

Uplink Corporation is the number one provider of Hosting and Security Services on the AWAN, and the most respected provider of those services across the globe. With an unparalleled amount of sites worldwide, and unprecedented access to those in the security community, UplinkCorp is the most respected name in business today.
We provide hardware, software, and security solutions to companies everywhere. From renting out gateways and storage space to providing a free access bulletin board for our customers to request help from security professionals around the world, UplinkCorp does it all.
For companies, we can provide offsite hosting for everything from regular backups of data to hosting for mission critical applications. For security professionals, we go so far as to provide a secure, full-access gateway for a nominal monthly fee, along with the ability to upgrade that gateway for a cost. But best of all we provide a full service system for companies and individuals to meet and exchange information and help requests, all for free.

UplinkCorp is concerned about the security of the AWAN.

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